Specialists in business assets & a range of business valuation services

Looking for reliable and no-nonsense asset valuation services? From plant machinery, transport and motor vehicles to intellectual property, Global’s hands-on approach will provide the valuation information and protection you need and realise the true market value of your business and personal assets.

Accurate asset valuation services to mitigate the risks & maximise the benefits

Global specialises in providing realisation market-focused valuations for insolvency appointed professionals or companies who are facing distress or contemplating a restructure. We offer comprehensive business asset valuation reporting services that caters to both operational and closed-down businesses. From the get-go, our team provides practical and technical advice, ensuring you have a solid asset realisation strategy in place from day-one. We also offer unmatched asset and personal protection and security strategies and services to safeguard your clients’ interests.

With our expertise and rapid response support, we can assist you in maximising the value of your assets through strategic valuation, advisory, auction or tender processes.

Experience total peace of mind and a seamless onsite auction process with Global. We understand the complexities of stakeholder negotiations including landlords, while prioritising premises and asset safety. You can count on us to handle premises clean-ups and identify potential cost risks such as make-good issues and OH&S concerns before, during and after conducting onsite auction sales for all sizes and types of business industries and real estate appointments.

Our comprehensive asset valuation realisation services include asset removal consulting, file management services, and repossession management. With our 35 years of experience in asset removal and transport across various industries and asset types, we possess valuable insights that benefit you from day-one. When necessary, we take charge of preserving and securing your assets in our offsite storage facility.

In conflict-of-interest matters involving business asset transfer and sale, Global can provide specialised services to ensure fairness, transparency, and compliance with legal and ethical standards. Our services are designed to address conflicts of interest during the transfer or sale of business assets in Fair Value matters, Realisation or Going Concern appointments.

The specific services provided will depend on the nature of the appointment, the assets involved, and the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the situation. We take a practical approach, delivering insightful reports with actionable guidance based on real-world expertise. You can trust us to provide accurate and meaningful market value valuations that align with your goals, empowering you to make informed decisions during challenging times.

Our Valuation and Asset Sales Advisory team assist our clients in purchasing or selling second-hand assets or complete business assets. Whether you are exploring asset acquisition or divestment, our experienced valuers are here to assist you every step of the way. With our guidance, we guarantee that you will clearly understand the asset market and optimal sales opportunities.

At Global, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with a comprehensive and realistic understanding of their assets’ and business fair market value. Our industry-leading services include asset and stock liquidation, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date fair market values. But that’s not all – we also offer fair market business valuation services in collaboration with our partner business accounting valuers using our technical financial approach and practical asset valuation approach.

This unique approach allows us to deliver a one-stop-shop solution, combining practical business valuation with a thorough assessment of accurate asset values. Unlike traditional methods solely focusing on book values, our approach provides a holistic view, giving you a clearer picture of the business’s true worth.

At Global, we understand the urgency and complexity that accompanies insolvency situations. That’s why we have teamed up with a trusted real estate agency to offer our insolvency clients a comprehensive day-one service. This service encompasses independent valuation panel services through partner firms, onsite security, and real estate sales, tailored to meet the unique requirements of commercial, rural, and residential properties across various locations.

From the moment you engage our services, we hit the ground running, ensuring a swift and efficient process. Our expert team manages independent valuations so we can provide accurate insights into your property’s market realisation value and determine the sales strategy. Whether it’s through traditional listings, auctions, or other strategies, we tailor our approach to maximise the chances of a successful transaction. We also implement robust security measures to safeguard your assets throughout the sale process.

Leveraging our realisation & valuation expertise for diverse sectors

Our expertise knows no bounds when valuing business and personal assets across all industries. We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of diverse sectors, allowing us to accurately assess your assets’ realisation worth in any market.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, technology, hospitality, or any other industry, our business valuation professionals possess unparalleled wisdom to manage the intricacies of your specific needs. From analysing market trends to evaluating intangible assets, we go beyond the surface to uncover the true value from day one.



• Agriculture – Mobile Assets – Fixed Land Assets – Produce and Stock
• Aviation – Maintenance and Manufacturing Assets – Parts and Complete Aircraft
• Bakery Plants – Commercial Plants – Retail Outlets
• Communications – Hardware – Software – Operational Assets
• Cranes – Mobile Cranes – Forklifts – Tower Cranes – Gantry Cranes
• Hospitality – Commercial Kitchens – Restaurants – Sporting Clubs – Night Clubs – Venues
• Intellectual Property
• Manufacturing – Engineering – Cabinet Making – Sheet Metal – Processing – Injection Moulding – Woodworking – Electronics
• Marine – Commercial and Private Use Vessels – Licenses
• Mining Services – Workshop Equipment – On-sight Equipment and Vehicle Fitouts
• Motor Vehicles – All Types of Commercial and Private Vehicles
• Transport – Local and Interstate Haulage – Heavy Specialised Equipment Services – Refrigerated Assets – Warehousing and Logistical Assets
• Retail – Retail Fit-outs – Stock Holdings
• Intellectual Property – Designs – Certifications – Prototypes – Business Systems
• Specialised Industrial Plants
• Food Processing Plants – Vegetable – Fruit – Dairy – Poultry – Meat – Seafood – Fruit
• Intellectual Property – Designs – Platforms – Manufacturing – Administration
• Real Estate – In Conjunction with Leading National Consultants
• Businesses – In Conjunction with Leading Accounting Valuation Consultants