We are your boutique one-stop-shop for asset realisation

Global Business Auctioneers and Valuers caters to a wide range of clients, including those in insolvency, legal, accounting, corporate and personal sectors. We harness the power of state-of-the-art technology and handle everything in-house to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business from day-one.

What sets us apart is the unmatched expertise of our accredited and licensed specialist business professionals. Our firm undergoes annual financial auditing by both the QLD State Government Office of Fair Trading and the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia. This ensures that we consistently adhere to the highest professional standards, allowing us to deliver our services with integrity and precision. From the very beginning, we have maintained Professional Indemnity insurance and a range of business insurances.

We specialise in realisation & market value valuations

Our esteemed Managing Director, Terry Kirkham, began his asset realisation journey as a trainee business, personal asset valuer and auctioneer in 1986. With a focus on serving insolvency, banking, and government clients, Terry honed his expertise in valuing and auctioning various assets, specialising in the industrial, commercial, vehicle, and transport sectors. This 35 years of onsite people and process management experience provides Terry with a ‘day-one’, hands-on approach you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Since the inception of Global in 1993, Terry has remained steadfast in his commitment to partnering only with individuals and organisations who align with his client-focused, outcome-driven vision. By carefully selecting trusted partners, he ensures that the execution of every project maintains the highest standards and integrity, leaving no room for compromise.

See Global’s history through a few brief snapshots



We first began our journey as ‘Kirkhams Asset Solutions’. Terry Kirkham set up the firm to service Melbourne’s insolvency industry with a personalised, asset one-stop shop for complete business asset realisation services, including valuation, asset protection, client security, asset realisation auction and tender services.



In the fifth year of business, Kirkhams Asset Solutions recorded our largest newspaper advertisement of auctions sales in the Melbourne Age, recording more auction sale advertisements than any other firm in that month! We took up most of the page for several onsite and in-room insolvency and Government type auction sales.



While working with several major insolvency firms, leading banks and finance companies, we identified the market of business distress and pre-pack valuation work whilst servicing our insolvency clients. This led us to a new range of income services, and our firm grew into a business distress and insolvency-based asset realisation valuation specialised firm.



In 2001, the business underwent a significant transformation, officially becoming Global Business Auctioneers and Valuers Pty Ltd. This transition marked a pivotal moment as it shifted from its previous identity as Kirkham’s Asset Solutions. During this transformation, Terry Kirkham, at the helm, successfully executed three substantial traditional onsite valuations, all tied to insolvency cases.

These valuations encompassed assessment, comprehensive management, and onsite auction sales. The results were remarkable, with the realised values ranging from $1.8 million to an impressive $5.8 million, all achieved within four months. This was just the beginning of an achievement-fuelled year.



As our company grew, so did our horizons. In 2002, Global moved to 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, and outsourced the general auction rooms side of the business. This decision allowed us to help even more people with their asset valuations, sales and auctions.



After many successful years, we expanded our reach to Brisbane, where we continue to thrive today. As we celebrate 30 years of business operations, we are proud to lead the industry with an unmatched integrity, knowledge, practical experience, and unwavering dedication to serving our key clients in insolvency, advisory, accounting, and legal sectors.