About Global

Global is a specialised practical complete business consulting, valuation and asset realisation firm working with operational and business exit projects across the globe. Forward planning and consultancy, outside of the square ideas, workable solutions and tools to achieve outcome results for business purposes is why global is a project based market leader in the business restructure, valuation and asset realisation industry

Since 1993 Global has provided consulting and business asset valuation services in over 3000 matters covering large, medium and small industrial, commercial and retail businesses.

Our consulting services are always challenging and we quickly identify risk factors, OH&S plant and equipment hazard risk, asset loss or theft prior and after our clients appointment, asset and market obsolesce, market value current and futuristic, asset equity and non-equity positioning when dealing with financed assets, business asset realisation forecasting and cost projection, sale contracts and operational restructure for business distress action plans.

Global is a complete business one stop shop consulting service that provides independent call to action ideas, processes, plans, tools and services with a formal checklist system to help our clients follow the path they require to complete all levels of business projects where valuation and realisation outcomes are the call to action requirements.


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